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DTN Weather Service is contracted on a yearly basis and is supported by 2 Operator Associations, and 4 school boards.  All members and board officers have access to a multiple of weather predicting tools via the internet and/or satellite.

Accurate weather forecasts
Adverse weather getting you and your operation down? Get involved with DTN out of Omaha Nebraska. DTN is a live weather service that provides local weather radar, hour by hour precipitation forecasts including rainfall, snow, and sleet accumulation. The Dashboard is a user friendly system where your location and five additional locations can be plotted and each weather pattern is monitored from those locations. An alert system can be sent to your email on a daily basis for the next five days weather forecast.

In our industry, accurate and timely forecasts are useful when operational decisions are being made whether to operate buses for daily school routes. In Southwestern Ontario we are surrounded by four Great Lakes and snow accumulations, snow squalls and freezing rain can put drivers in a serious safety situation.
Every county and city in the snow and ice belt needs a reliable weather service to maintain safe roads. With MxVision WeatherSentry® Transportation Edition, you’ll have the specialized weather information you need to maximize your resources while keeping drivers and children safe.
With no weather surprises, you’ll be prepared for snow, ice, cold and other weather conditions. You’ll improve public relations and reduce driver complaints, mitigate environmental concerns, keep students safe and provide concrete back-up information for your inclement weather decisions.
Other capabilities include:

  • Precipitation forecasts 40 percent more accurate than the National Weather Service
  • Ability to view customized weather maps covering your service area
  • PrecipTimer® which lets you know when rain, snow, or ice will start and how long it will last
  • Hour by Hour accurate forecasts
  • Future radar – a 90 minute projection of where precip may head
  • Severe weather alerts, delivered on-screen, by email and/or cell phone
  • Accurate live radar views, covering all areas in Middlesex, Huron-Perth, Bruce-Grey, Oxford, and Lambton Kent Counties
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Our Association was created in 1996 by Transportation Managers  of the School Boards and owners of School Bus Operations in Southwestern Ontario.  At that time the one bus operator, Murphy Bus Lines, served home to school transportation for 5 School Boards under 5 different transportation managers.  The idea came about to create an association that all School Board Transportation Managers could belong to with representation from a School Bus Operator to share ideas, develop projects, procedures and policies, and to ensure the safe delievery of home to school transportation.  All members were working under the same principals and mandates and what better way to make it more efficient and effective then to develop items together.

From there the The Great Lakes Transportation Association was started and has evolved as members have retired, school boards have amalgamated, and Student Transportation Consortiums started.  Our current list of members are listed to the left of the page.

Some of the accomplishments of the Association has been developing policies under a consistant platform.  Provide Epipen training for School Bus Drivers.  Welcome a new weather radar service that all operators and School Board Officials can utilitze during inclement weather decisions.  Create and Produce 14-30 sec Public Service Announcements for TV on School Bus Safety with the finincail backing of 10 partners.  And most recently, expand our PSA Campaign to Radio, creating and producing 3 new spots for Radio airtime.

We have initiated and maintained many good relationships with the Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Education, CTV, Blackburn Radio, School Bus Operator Associations, and the New Student Transportation Consortiums that represent School Boards in Southwestern Ontario.  All in the interest of keeping our students safe on and around the School Bus!