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Our Association work on School Bus Safety Messages was featured in the September Ontario School Bus Association Newsletter.

Check it out! Sept-7-12

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Our Association was created in 1996 by Transportation Managers  of the School Boards and owners of School Bus Operations in Southwestern Ontario.  At that time the one bus operator, Murphy Bus Lines, served home to school transportation for 5 School Boards under 5 different transportation managers.  The idea came about to create an association that all School Board Transportation Managers could belong to with representation from a School Bus Operator to share ideas, develop projects, procedures and policies, and to ensure the safe delievery of home to school transportation.  All members were working under the same principals and mandates and what better way to make it more efficient and effective then to develop items together.

From there the The Great Lakes Transportation Association was started and has evolved as members have retired, school boards have amalgamated, and Student Transportation Consortiums started.  Our current list of members are listed to the left of the page.

Some of the accomplishments of the Association has been developing policies under a consistant platform.  Provide Epipen training for School Bus Drivers.  Welcome a new weather radar service that all operators and School Board Officials can utilitze during inclement weather decisions.  Create and Produce 14-30 sec Public Service Announcements for TV on School Bus Safety with the finincail backing of 10 partners.  And most recently, expand our PSA Campaign to Radio, creating and producing 3 new spots for Radio airtime.

We have initiated and maintained many good relationships with the Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Education, CTV, Blackburn Radio, School Bus Operator Associations, and the New Student Transportation Consortiums that represent School Boards in Southwestern Ontario.  All in the interest of keeping our students safe on and around the School Bus!